Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jay McCarroll


Project Runway's Jay McCarroll fancies Philly for its DIY aesthetic - But enough with the porn mustaches

Q&A by Felicia D'Ambrosio for Primer Magazine

Q: Where do you see the most shocking fashion sensibilities in the city?

A: Only South Street. Most poeple are very casual and chill, except for outsider who don't quite get it yet and are dressed like anime cartoons.I wore the weirdest outfit last night and no one cared - three items of plaid and I didn't even know i had yellow flip flops! Philly has a very DIY homemade aesthetic... People dress differently in the different neighborhoods. In a globalized world, no city has one solid style.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in Philly?

A: I go out with my friend Jeremy and we go out to all the gay bard. I love driving down Kelly Drive with my music on, to Philadelphia University, where I work. Passyunk Avenue is lots of fun - and, um, yeah, the Cantina is amazing.

Q: What trends are overdone?

A: Mass consumerism will crush a trend. I love neon and I can't love it anymore 'cause everyone is wearing it. Its also revenge of the nerds right now. They are making art and music and pushing, pushing, pushing. Enough with the porn mustaches! Now nerds are in 'cause technology rules the world.

Q: Where do you go from here?

A: Oh, when Pete Wentz is a fashion designer, we are in a bad place stylistically. These people are not inspiring. We are in a really contrived place right now - who knows?

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