Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DJ Skeme Richards


DJ Skeme's got what you need.

Q&A by Deesha Dyer for Primer Magazine

Q: You're known around the world for being able to put your thing down, flip it and reverse it on the turntables. Why do you stay based in Philly?

A: The grass is never greener on the other side, and the same good/bad situations that exist here are everywhere, so I user the harsh reality of Philly's music scene to make me stronger.

Q: Does Philly actually have a DJ style?

A: Yes, Philly has its own style but seems to be getting lost with the amount of new DJs popping up everyday who aren't familiar and don't research Philly's history. When I got to the West Coast or Europe, people instantly know I'm from Philly because of that certain bounce we have.

Q: What can and can't you get away with here as a DJ?

A: If your on your A game and don't care about pissing people off because you're not playing what they want to hear, then you can get away with a lot. If you're worried about who's not going to like or book you, then you're not going t5o get away with anything because you've been robbed of your creativity and have become a human ipod. I'll give you a little of what you want and a lot of what you need.

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