Friday, January 8, 2010

The PRIMER Shoot

Photographs © Michael T Regan Photography 2009

Artists should focus on making great work. I didn't pursue a life in photography because I had a burning desire for marketing and self-promotion. I'd rather put the energy towards making great work, not convincing people the work is great. Enter PRIMER.

Brian Isserman and Lawrence O'Toole are the creative visionaries behind the boutique design agency PRIMER Inc. Their creative input and insightful solutions are geared towards helping people push their business forward. When I approached them about marketing strategies, they came back with a litany of ideas to help me push my work in front of the people who need to see it. They created a new portfolio, designed leave behind cards and orchestrated a three-part campaign to generate buzz. All of which I could never accomplish on my own. If you're like me and you need creative people to help you push yourself forward, hit 'em up HERE, you won't be disappointed.

This shoot with Brian & Lawrence took place at two different locations in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We had a beautiful fall day, assistance from fashion photographer Russell Underwood, a car full of equipment, a trunk of props and a 1963 Mercury Meteor.


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Michele Melcher Illustration said...

I love this!

Adrid74 said...

Wow! It's like straight out of a movie!! Very impressive!

FlaxMaster1 said...

Who dat? Starsky and Hutch? Love it.

Stephano Suh said...

This is great! Very very cool.

Anonymous said...

Cool! I see you had a great time doing it too!