Friday, November 6, 2009

Ace Frehley, LA Nokia Theatre


Opening for Alice Cooper's Halloween Ball, Ace Frehley's band donned the famous "Space Man" face paint for the first time. Gene Simmons owns the KISS characters, so Ace is legally prohibited from rockin' the guitar shredding character he created. His band, however, is a different story. Make-up artist Kristin Martin did a great job replicating The Space Man. I never appreciated the fact that the band applied their own make up before every KISS concert themselves, a two hour proccess. Even if you hate the music, you gotta respect the dedication.

ACE BIO: "Known as the "Celestial One", "Mr. Excitement" or simply to the legions of KISS fans as the Spaceman, Ace Frehley with his impressive lead guitar riffs and stinging vibrato has been a major influence on rock guitar for over two decades. Artists such as Pantera's Dimebag Darrel, and Skid Row have named him as in influence. Ace also creates excitement onstage with his spaceman persona with his 6 foot , one inch, 175 lb frame staggering around the stage, his knees bent, and his back arched, totally aloof from his surroundings. He is of course also known for his stage theatrics, which include the burning guitar during his solo which is then put on a wire and sent up into the air, and then he gets another guitar with a rocket launcher and shoots rockets.

Offstage, Ace Frehley is quiet and keeps to himself, but however has had a long battle with alcohol and other substances but is now healthy. His current interests are computers, science fiction ( his interest in science fiction inspired his Spaceman persona), and reading about the International Space Station. A beloved member of KISS due to the fact that he has come from humble beginnings, to make it big in one of the greatest rock bands in the world." MORE

Kiss playing Cadillac High School in Cadillac Michigan, 1975. They literally took over the town with a parade and painted the local dignitaries.

The quiet side of Ace Frehley, backstage interview during the 1996 KISS reunion tour


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In 79 Kiss was my favorite group...hands down.

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