Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wandering Old San Juan for an afternoon while Johnny Depp sleeps on his yacht in the harbor

photographs © Michael T Regan Photography 2009

Last month I traveled to Rincon, Puerto Rico to celebrate a close friend of mine. With a 6 hour lay over in the San Juan Airport, I loaded the Holga with Velvia and hit Old San Juan with my good friend Will (check his design work here). We wandered up to the famous fort "El Morro" and through the brightly colored colonial streets. Clicking, talking, drinking, smoking. The beautiful white puffy clouds shining down. When we got back to San Juan Airport and hopped our 10 seater, I sat up front with the pilot and took in the landscape from above with my leica.

photograph © Michael T Regan Photography 2009

As I was doing research behind Vanity Fair's current cover shoot with Johnny Depp, I came across a behind-the-scenes slideshow detailing how the shoot came to be. The cover shoot was planned for Paris but Johnny Depp was on his Island in the Bahamas, preparing to shoot an adaptation of Hunter S Thompson's "The Rum Diaries." He offered an afternoon in Old San Juan (where they were shooting) so photographer Francois-Marie Banier began wandering the streets in search of locations. Johnny Depp slept on his yacht docked in the harbor and came ashore for the shoot once the location was set. Those beautiful white puffy clouds shining down. If only...

Check out the slideshow HERE:


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