Friday, May 1, 2009

Melody Gardot

© Michael T Regan Photography, 2005

Jazz vocalist Melody Gardot released her second full length album on Verve this week, My One and Only Thrill. It currently sits as #12 on the itunes list of top sellers, in between Katy Parry and Ben Folds oddly enough. I had the honor of photographing Melody for the first article ever published about her, May of 2005, by Pat Rapa. (check it HERE) Melody suggested we work at a piano on the 15th floor of the Sheraton hotel on 17th and Race. She used to sneak into the hotel and play, nobody seemed to know it existed. The window to the right had a beautiful view of the city and was a source of inspiration for her.


Regarding jazz photography, a copy of Frank Wolf's book "Blue Note Jazz Photography of Francis Wolf" has made its home on my bedside table recently. His prolific documents of all the Blue Note sessions are very intimate and inspiring.

"An accomplished photographer at home (Germany), Frank came to New York without means. He secured a job in a photographic studio by day and reunited with his boyhood friend Alfred Lion to work on Blue Note records by night. His passion for jazz ran as deep as his love of photography, and soon he was completely immersed in the record company. By the end of World Ward II, Francis and Alfred were able to make a living solely at Blue Note. Two men running a small, struggling business in an all-consuming affair. For Frank, photography took a back seat to the demads of Blue Note (which, in that era of 78-rpm single records in plain brown sleeves, did not require artwork or photographs).

Still he took his camera to each Blue Note session, taking candid shorts of the proceedings while Alfred produced the sessions."

Miles Davis © Francis Wolf/Blue Note


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