Friday, April 17, 2009

View Camera Polaroids

Mike Koehler, photographer © Michael T Regan Photography

With the intense amount of photographic production and distribution in today's modern world, I've been craving a connection to where it all came from. Often, we need to slow down and remember why we do what we do. I discovered a box of Polaroid Type 59 from 2006 during a long over due cleaning session last week. Polaroid has since gone out of business and no longer makes the wonderful 4x5 print and negative film that fueled the large format industry for decades.

I came across this quote from Joel Meyerowitz while reading the spring '09 issue of Photographers Forum:

"The large format camera is a slower, more classical instrument, the photographic equivalent of a cello, while the 35mm camera is like street jazz."

I made these portraits with the box of outdated Polaroid film. I still have a few left. The color shift is from the passing of time, nothing was added or enhanced digitally.

Chandler Kauffman, filmmaker & Karen Wise, photographer
© Michael T Regan Photography

My family. Shawna, Aidan & Lola
© Michael T Regan Photography

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