Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Music Issue Potfolio (Vol.5)

On the cover of this week's CP Music Issue is a piece by Shaun Brady on Toshi Makihara, an experimental drummer. As advertising revenue shrinks, so does the book. There's less than usual in this music issue, but an interesting section remains:

"Each night, at just about 8 p.m., Toshi Makihara descends into the basement of his Wyndmoor home. He sets his Panasonic digital video camera on a small tripod on a table next to an old IBM computer, hits "record" and steps into frame. Over his left shoulder is a set of shelves holding a variety of drums. Over his right shoulder can be glimpsed a water heater, washer and dryer. In front of him is a single green drum." MORE

Artist: Toshi Makihara
Story: Snare and Tear by Shaun Brady
Location: Toshi's basement

Artists: iNFiNiEN
Story: Black and Blueprints by John Vettesse
Location: Forbidden Drive

Artists: The Lemon Treasures
Story: Darling Noir by A.D. Amorosi
Location: My Studio

Artists: Canadian Invasion
Story: This Is War by MJ Fine
Location: Andrew's parents' basement

*Full disclosure: My mom is Canadian, born and raised in the small town of Belleville Ontario. I'm not into the band's name, since none of them are Canadian. However, the guys are really nice...


Eric Mencher said...

Great portraits, Michael!

I'm so sorry to hear that your position was eliminated. Your work at City Paper has always jumped off the pages. We will miss your artistry.

But best wishes with the future. It's an opportunity and I know one that you'll make the most out of.

Michael T Regan said...

Thx Eric...Your words mean a lot to me...