Monday, March 30, 2009

iphone sketches


I'm embarking on a new project, "iphone sketches." I've been meditating on social media quite a bit lately and how its changing our cultural landscape. The angry ones can't stand to know what someone else had for lunch. The addicts are sharing every detail of life. The marketing savvy ones are self promoting. The news outlets are competing for readers. The comedians are creating characters.

Many ethical issues have been brought to light and they deserve attention. Our obsessive need to feed the internet has compromised diligent reporting. Writers with camera phones are trying to be photojournalists. Bloggers are trying act as established news organizations. However, as an artist, I now walk through life with a camera in pocket 24/7. Although I'd like to have my leica with me in the same fashion, I just don't. So, I've decided to embrace this iphone and share a daily visual diary with you. The sketches aren't finalized ideas, they're exactly what they say the are: sketches. THEY WON'T REPLACE MY WORK! I'll use them to scout locations, test light and remember ideas.

Ultimately, photography comes from the photographer, not from the camera. The brush doesn't make a great painter. I'm limited technically, but the sketches will come from me, not the phone. My hope is that by embracing this idea, I'll be able to share a visual nugget of gold and inspire you. We're constantly looking for stimulus from this beast that is the internet. If you get anything from the sketches, its worth my time.

I'll be posting them through my twitter account right after I release the shutter on the 2 megapixel phone: If a sketch stands out to me I'll post it on my blog. Other photographers are embarking on similar journeys, but we all travel through different streets.

Stay Positive.



ADW said...

You have more than 5 readers!! I love your blog! I found it thru my sister Oona's blog..I guess you guys went to GFS together?

63Merc said...

Well said. Love this entry. just hit it on the head. Keep sketching.

Michael T Regan said...

Thx 63 Merc.

ADW, I didn't go to GFS, but many of my friends did. Thanks for checking in!

Anonymous said...

Reader number 1 appreciates his brothers willingness to get over himself, love the correlation to a painter and the brush, picasso didn't turn his nose up at charcoal

Anonymous said...


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