Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jazmine Sullivan

I photographed Jazmine Sullivan this week for Drew Lazor's City Paper cover story. The twenty-one-year-old Black Lily prodigy is nominated for 5 grammy's tonight! Not to be all "I knew it" but I watched her sing at The Black Lily when she was thirteen and she owned the night.

Drew Lazor: "Ever since May 2008, when Jazmine Sullivan's debut single — the riddim-flecked, Missy Elliott-helmed "Need U Bad" — started getting spins on urban radio, national writers have been breaking out in paper cuts, thumbing through thesauri in an attempt to capture the right words to aptly describe the electricity that runs throughout the 21-year-old singer/songwriter's self-penned J Records debut, Fearless.

She's got swag. She's got attitude. She's got a chip on her shoulder. She's got wisdom and confidence beyond her years. She's got what they call an "old soul." And that's without even getting into her voice, a window-frame-shaking, drawn-from-the-depths alto she still manages to bend and tease with ease, splashing across tracks like a smooth stone across a still pond.

All these trite superlatives, of course, can be encapsulated in one simple six-syllable phrase that only people from around here can truly grasp: The girl is from Philly." MORE

Here's Jazmine performing "Accept What God Allows" at The Apollo when she was eleven:

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