Friday, February 27, 2009

Change is gonna come

The position of staff photographer at The Philadelphia City Paper was eliminated this week. Hardly shocking. In the same week the Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News filed for bankruptcy and the Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO) announced its last issue. The kicker of the City Paper position? It was mine. I created the job in 2002. It was a dream job at a time when my wife was pregnant and I wanted to shoot the streets of Philadelphia every hour of every day. I needed work and I hounded Paul Curci until he hired me. For 7 years I photographer the politicians, musicians, news makers, neighborhood workers, high rollers, bottom feeders and everything in between for the paper. I worked with a slew of amazing writers, editors and designers. The fact that I won't have a staff job at a newspaper for the remainder of my time on earth brings on the nostalgia, but change is exciting and I'm inspired to find new ways to communicate through my visual language. I won't miss the blurred images, misaligned plates and all around horrible printing of my photography in newsprint. I'm pushing my work in a new direction and I'll continue to shoot musicians for The City Paper (until they join the Rocky Mountain News and other fine publications that have drowned in the internet). I saw the writing on the wall years ago and I have other outlets to keep my head above water. I just hope the many others who are without work can do the same during these strange times. Stay tuned for more projects, there's a lot of 'em in the works.


Doron said...

Best of luck on your new path. Loved all the photos that've come in since I've been following the blog; hope to keep seeing more!

Michael T Regan said...

Thx D! Keep your head up!