Monday, January 5, 2009

Birds of Peace

Things are getting worse in Gaza. As I was looking back through my work from Israel, I re-discovered this photograph I made while wandering the streets of Tel Aviv.

- Israel has barred foreign reporters from entering Gaza. Here's a video from inside Gaza hosted by the BBC.

- Today's BBC Reports:

Casualties have been pouring into over-stretched hospitals in the Gaza Strip as Israel presses on with its offensive against Palestinian militant groups.

The Palestinian health ministry said 90 people, mostly civilians and including 26 children, had been killed since Israeli forces went in on Saturday.

Israel says it is targeting militants continuing to fire rockets into Israel.

Intense diplomatic efforts are under way to resolve the crisis but Israel rejected calls for an immediate truce.

US President George W Bush gave his support to Israel's right to self-defence and blamed the current situation on Hamas militants.

"Instead of caring about the people of Gaza, Hamas decided to use Gaza to launch rockets to kill innocent Israelis," he said. MORE

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak photographed during a visit to a North Philadelphia public school, 2003. He happened to be standing immediately next to the word "conformity" while he spoke to the kids.


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