Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Anthony Campuzano, Artist

Anthony Compuzano, photographed at the ICA for his exhibit "Touch Sensitive." John Vettese penned a profile of Anthony for City Paper's Second Season Arts Preview:

"I've always said as a visiting artist, hang on to good ideas, they don't go away," Campuzano says. "If things don't go right the first time, people give up. But if you re-examine it, change things slightly, you'll get closer to what the idea really is." MORE

From the ICA: "Known for his use of found language, Philadelphia-based artist Anthony Campuzano activates texts from a variety of sources—newspaper headlines, Wikipedia entries, the covers of paperback novels, trivial cultural events, common clich├ęs, pop song lyrics—in drawings that couple intense color with the tangible presence of the artist's hand."

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