Friday, December 5, 2008

Annie Leibovitz on shooting The Rolling Stones in Philadelphia, 1975

The Rolling Stones, live at The Spectrum, June 29th 1975

Annie Liebovitz read excerpts from her new book At Work last night at the Free Library. She recalled with fondness the concert the Stones played at the Spectrum on June 29th 1975. She was on tour for Rolling Stone when someone told her to come out from backstage and hear the performance. They both thought it was the best show they'd heard the band play.

"When I think of Philadelphia, it seems all the best shows were there, I remember that concert well" she told the packed room. Annie brought her tennis racket on tour thinking she'd be able to play during the day.
"I realized after the first show I wouldn't see the light of day."
The story ran on the cover of Rolling Stone on July 17th, 1975

Here's Annie on the experience:

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The photo captioned Rolling Stones live at the Spectrum is incorrect. That's for certain, but if you were just running a Leibovitz shot to accompany the story; it's fine, but a bit misleading.

roger barone