Friday, November 21, 2008

Profile in Design: Reseca Glasser

Reseca Glasser is the art director of the Philadelphia City Paper. She's responsible for the award winning cover and editorial design that's featured in CP on a weekly basis. If you don't live in Philly, or if you aren't passing through town and grabbing a CP from the orange box, you won't see her work. And that's a shame. With this outlandish race from print to web, the creative design in magazines and newspapers is lost.

Reseca and I have worked together since I started making pictures for The Philadelphia City Paper in 2001. I owe her a tremendous amount of gratitude for A) putting up with my Aries personality and B) teaching me how to think about the marriage of words and images on a page. This year, Reseca took home the first place editorial layout award from the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies. Essentially, it means of all the weekly papers across the country, and Toronto, her design was decidedly above the rest. You aren't going to see a better presentation of words and images in your web surfing today.

She took home the award for Drew Lazor's compelling piece on Artist Daniel Heyman and his journey inside Abu Ghraib:

"In March 2006, the Art Museum-based artist traveled to Amman, Jordan, with reps from Philadelphia law firm Burke Pyle LLC and met face to face with the Iraqis whom most Americans had seen only in those grainy, horrifying photos. He followed up the visit with an August trip to Istanbul, Turkey. What emerged: bleak, almost voyeuristic portraits, glimpses into lives irrevocably shattered by the very forces sent to protect them. More strikingly, Heyman surrounded each subject's face with textual excerpts from his or her stories — damning evidence that has only now begun to surface. He's compiled the art — a series of stark prints and watercolors — for 'The Abu Ghraib Project,' " FULL STORY

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