Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jen Childs


Improve all-star Jennifer Childs on multitasking and the harshness of comedy

Q&A by Mark Cofta for Primer Magazine

Q: Does being an artistic director who also performs make your job easier, or more complicated?

A: There are times when it gets tricky - a pull between the entertainer side of myself and the producer side. It's a little complicated to jump around onstage in your underpants and then ask someone who's seen you do it to give you $50,000

Q: Many People Equate "Comedy" with "Lightweight." What say you?

A: I think most people who consider comedy lightweight have never tried to do it. It is unforgiving and demands specificity and fearlessness. You must bring everything you have to it - your utmost intelligence, your highest energy and your most personal vulnerability - or it will not work for you.

Q: How has Philadelphia theater changed since you were a UArts student?

A: Making a living as a theater artist here (in the late 80's) was not really an option for more than a select few. I left and when I came back in the early 90's, things were changing... More artists started staying in town and the community really blossomed - Philly became a destination and not just a rest stop on the way to New York.

Q: Much of 1812 productions' comedy is set locally. Does Philadelphia laugh at itself well?

A: It better - because that accent is really freakin' funny.

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