Monday, June 2, 2008

Ani DiFranco

I have a soft spot for Ani DiFranco. My first photo assignment was Ani's concert at The Summer Stage in Central Park, 1996. I brought a few rolls of T-Max 3200 and my Pentax K-1000. The music editor of my college newspaper, The Washington Square News, mentioned the possibility of running the shoot on the cover of the Culture Shock section. When I returned with a slew of out of focus imagery (let's just say I didn't get close enough and the lens I had wasn't cutting it), they ran a press shot instead. Accompanying the inside article was my tiny, out of focus picture.

I photographed Ani for the second time last Friday at World Cafe Live. She was one of the many scheduled performers at the Non Commvention, an independent radio conference hosted by WXPN. Click here for an audio slideshow of the concert.


Anonymous said...

no mention of the painting? nothing about writing her a letter and throwing it up on stage like a stalker?

Michael T Regan said...

The painting is now in the Louvre, second floor, opposite the Mona Lisa. They make a great pair.