Friday, March 28, 2008

The Latest Music Issue

So I was in Israel when this hit the stands, which means I never got a chance to post it, but I still thought it worthy. Feeling somewhat bored of shooting the latest indie star band that is expired and broken up a year later, I pitched the idea of covering those who've endured the turbulent music industry. Those who've survived the pitfalls, depressions, let downs and failures. Those who didn't change careers and abandon the dream when resources were scarce. Pat liked the idea, and we assembled a collection of six stories in this installment of CP's Music Issue.

In photographic order: Phil Roy (singer songwriter), Jonathan Sternberg (classical conductor), Lady B (hip hop DJ and the first female to record as an MC on wax, 1979), Linda Cohen (classical guitarist), Bootsie Barnes (long time Philly sax man), and DJ Too Tuff (of the Tuff Crew, old school hip-hop classic crew from Philly)

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