Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's In The Music

click here for a slideshow of The Roots performance, Friday night at the Tower.

"Struck by the luck of the draw, real life preservation what I'm hustling for, my name Black Thought the definition of raw, I was born in South Philly on a cement floor, I had nothing at all, I had to knuckle and brawl, They swear I'd fall, Be another brick in the wall, Another life full of love that's lost, That's silly , This Philly, Ya'll really ain't stoppin the boy, With the pen like Willie on top of the hall, Pure soul is what the city most popular for, Hear the tones that will ease you, Smooth as Bunny Sigler's soundtrack, Keepin your head boppin and all, It's something in the water where I come from..."

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