Friday, February 2, 2007

Thoughts on Black Thought

The best MC of my generation. I've photographed many Roots shows over the years. Their music is an amazing blend of artistic truth and hip-hop culture. Last summer I photographed the band in NYC for a cover story penned by Neil Gladstone. Ahmir was his jovial self, yet Tariq (black thought) seemed prickly when I offered to do a range of moods, "Yo, we're just having a moment with our band." Later that night he warmed up when I was shooting backstage at BB Kings Blues club. We crossed paths again Wednesday night at a birthday party for hip-hop/soul producer James Poyser. I showed him the CP cover photograph from August, "Ahhh Yeeahhh" he grinned with reflection "Much Love!" I've been collecting a series of self portraits since I was 18 that I snap with my many different subjects. I asked if I could include him in the self portrait project. "Right on" he replied. "Let's do it." No prickles this time.

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