Monday, February 12, 2007

Don Quixote De La Mancha

Our Don Quixote resides at 2nd & Girard, gracefully watching over Northern Liberties. The sculpture is a replica of Joaquin Garcia Donaire's original, residing in Ciudad Real, Spain. Salvador Dali's sculpture resides in Marbella, Spain, but lacks the victorious stance that Donaire's has. So, Marbella, though I've never seen your statue in person, our replica kicks the shit out of your Dali original.

I dream about the days I spent wandering the streets of Havana. Last night's hangover instantly vanishing when I open my eyes and see the skies, feel the breeze, stroll the streets. Definitely one of the top cities I've ever photographed. Now the Don Quixote statue in Havana is pretty damn cool, all cartoonish and what not. It definitely surpasses Dali's, and I think it might just edge out ours as well. For civic pride's sake, we'll call it a tie.

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