Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Art from Abu Ghraib

I photographed artist Daniel Heyman this week for a Citypaper cover story penned by Drew Lazor.

"In March 2006, the Art Museum-based artist traveled to Amman, Jordan, with reps from Philadelphia law firm Burke Pyle LLC and met face to face with the Iraqis whom most Americans had seen only in those grainy, horrifying photos. He followed up the visit with an August trip to Istanbul, Turkey. What emerged: bleak, almost voyeuristic portraits, glimpses into lives irrevocably shattered by the very forces sent to protect them. More strikingly, Heyman surrounded each subject's face with textual excerpts from his or her stories — damning evidence that has only now begun to surface. He's compiled the art — a series of stark prints and watercolors — for "The Abu Ghraib Project," a solo show that opened last week at The Print Center."

Here's a piece titled "I Am Ready"

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