Thursday, February 15, 2007

5 years ago at The 5 spot

I took this photograph of Shawna last night, she was helping me art direct a photo shoot with Musiq Soulchild before his sold out performance at the TLA. 5 years ago today, during the strange period of a clinical depression I couldn't shake (my dad died from Cancer, I was broke, didn't have a job, and lived at home) I met Shawna on an NJ Transit train from NYC to Philly. I took the train to the end of the line (missed my stop intentionally) and got her number before we split ways. She didn't know Philly well, loved music, so we went to Black Lily at the 5 spot on our first date. We drank into the night, listened to the Jazzyfatnastees sing, listened to Scratch beatbox amazing sounds and rhythms, and started the path that's given us 2 amazing children and a new understanding of life after death.

The 5 spot burned down 12 days ago, supposedly from an unextinguished cigarette in a trash can behind the bar, and Black Lily is no more. I came across these photos from 2001 when Pat Rapa asked me if I had any images of Black Lily to accompany a CP music feature. Though music in Philly will never die, the 5 spot is a place where a lot of amazing things started on many different levels. Here's the Jazzyfatnastees singing "The Wound That's In Your Heart"

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D R TeesT said...

Thats a great story...I've been there, broke, living at home, depressed....glad to see you make it out with the blessing of a wife and children. I performed at the 5 spot the night before it burned was my first time there.....will certainly miss the place....